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You will find here all you need to enjoy the life in Osaka and near the ATC Bay
Michelin Restaurant by adusingi
Bruxelles is one of my favorite city in Europe. Not only a big part of my family lives there, myself, I lived there for one year. The people are kind and welcoming. The city is vibrant and full of good energy.
This list contains a proposal for a 10 days trip to Japan. Hostel, restaurant, museum, etc. Day 1 <> KIX(Osaka Airport) => Osaka (大阪市) Day 2 <> Okayama (岡山市) <=> (牛窓市) Day 3 <> Ushimado (牛窓市) => Himeji (姫路城) => Kyoto (京都市) Day 4, 5 <> Kyoto (京都市) Day 6 Kyoto (京都市) => Kanazawa (金沢市) => Toyama (富山市) Day 7, 8, 9 <> Toyama (富山市) => Tokyo (東京市)
Best places for Photography in Paris by adusingi
“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” Voltaire
After one year in Valence, here are some of our favorites places. We will keep updating with the new discovery. Valence is located in the Drome area, the first district to produce organic vegetables.
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When you need to recharge, relax or spend quality time with familly, just pick any of the places! I can guarantee the top services!
La Drôme by adusingi
I spent a few days in Athens and the city is amazing. There are lots of nice co-working with great energy. I highly recommend the city for nomads. I also discovered some very nice places that I couldn't resist to share.
My favorites things, I named this list courtesy to the Coltrane's album title. These are places where I can go eyes closed and be sure that the quality will always be there. No brainer, No big show off, Just quality.
Paris - Vegan places by adusingi
Here is a ranking from "Shiosai Project" about the best Japanese gardens. Please share your impressions if you get a chance to visit one of them.
Kodoku no Gourmet (孤独のグルメ Kodoku no Gurume, "Solitary Gourmet") is a Japanese cuisine manga series written by Masayuki Qusumi and illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi. It has been adapted into a Japanese television drama series. A salesman Gorō Inogashira travels Japan, where he visits various restaurants and street booths to sample the local cuisine. Each chapter features a different place and dish. Wh...
"Les meilleurs lieux craft de la capitale pour boire une bière (ou deux) ! Et en plus il y a des réductions avec la carte du Paris Beer Club 😀🍺" D'apres les meilleurs lieux craft de la capitale - Paris Beer Club
My trip to New York - Montreal - Oakville by adusingi
My wife and I like exploring the city to find a new place to eat. After 5 years of living in Kyoto here are some of our favorites places. We have been to each place. We hope you will also enjoy. Please share your experience with us.
The Best Pizza Restaurant in New York City
The thing to do in Łódź Poland 🇵🇱 by adusingi

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