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Collaborative app for coworkers and colleagues to share the best places for a lunch or a cappuccino

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What coworkers are saying

To prepare the Vietnamese New year, the Officience team members used Doko Maps to share tips, the best restaurants, cafe and in Valence

Doko Maps is used by LaForge coworker to create a collaborative list of the best restaurants, cafe and in Valence

"With Doko Maps, regular users are sharing their favorite spots in the city and new coworkers or visiting people are delighted to find places for a quick lunch or coffee break."

La Forge Collective

Coworking in Valence, France

Happy people

People visiting the coworking space trust the places recommended by other coworkers

Create and publish a list

Create a list start adding your favorite places or tips for people using the coworking spaces (restaurant, hotels, cafe…)

Invite people to contribute

Send email to your colleagues and invite them to share their favorite places or tips that will be valuable to others (restaurant, hotels, cafe…)

Add the new places to the list

All accepted places are automatically added to the existing lists and available.