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13 Days tour - Japan - @hanazono
A 13 Days tour to discover and experience Japanese culture. Gentle geisha, colourful kimonos, Japanese garden ...

Japan #Museums #Bars #Restaurants #Food

🍺 Craft Beer - @adusingi
When traveling I like being able to find a good place to drink a good beer. I will keep updating this list. Please feel free to let me know any craft beer you would like to be added

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Our selection of restaurants & Coffees in Kyoto - @adusingi
My wife and I like exploring the city to find a new place to eat. After 5 years of living in Kyoto here are some of our favorites places. We have been to each place. We hope you will also enjoy. Please share your experience with us.

Japan #Restaurants #Food

The most beautiful architecture in Tokyo, Japan - @jules
Tokyo is home of some incredible buildings. As the city experienced a massive growth after the war: it's the home of a lot of different architecture styles where companies fight to become landmarks. Discover our top pick. Take some time out and explore works from famous architects like Kenzo Tange,...

Japan #Museums #Stores #Bakeries #Food

A 10 days trip to Japan - @adusingi
This list contains a proposal for a 10 days trip to Japan. Hostel, restaurant, museum, etc. Day 1 <> KIX(Osaka Airport) => Osaka (大阪市) Day 2 <> Okayama (岡山市) <=> (牛窓市) Day 3 <> Ushimado (牛窓市) => Himeji (姫路城) => Kyoto (京都市) Day 4, 5 <> Kyoto (京都市) Day 6 Kyoto (京都市) => Kanazawa (金沢市) => Toyama (富山...

Japan #Cafes #Restaurants #Food #Stores

孤独のグルメ お店 - @adusingi
Kodoku no Gourmet (孤独のグルメ Kodoku no Gurume, "Solitary Gourmet") is a Japanese cuisine manga series written by Masayuki Qusumi and illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi. It has been adapted into a Japanese television drama series. A salesman Gorō Inogashira travels Japan, where he visits various restaurants ...

Japan Korea #Restaurants #Food #Cafes