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Museums of Paris, France - @jules
Paris offers to visitors a lot of museums. Come and discover the museums of the city of lights in the fields of artsm hitstory, science and others..

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🍺 Craft Beer - @adusingi
When traveling I like being able to find a good place to drink a good beer. I will keep updating this list. Please feel free to let me know any craft beer you would like to be added

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Brasserie la Valentinoise - @adusingi
La Valentinoise est une micro brasserie située au coeur de la ville de Valence. Une gamme de bière bio originale et créative y est brassée dans le respect de l'environnement et de l'humain. Un lieu chaleureux où l'on peut déguster, boire un verre, visiter...

France #Stores #Food #Restaurants #Cafes #Bars

Lille City Life - @jules
A map of Lille restaurants, museums and bars made by a local. Lille is a city in northern France located 2 hours from Paris and 1 hour from Brussels.

France #Restaurants #Food #Bars #Museums

Restaurant Valence - @adusingi
After one year in Valence, here are some of our favorites places. We will keep updating with the new discovery. Valence is located in the Drome area, the first district to produce organic vegetables.

France #Restaurants #Food