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Bruxelles is one of my favorite city in Europe. Not only a big part of my family lives there, myself, I lived there for one year. The people are kind and welcoming. The city is vibrant and full of good energy.
This list contains my restaurants and places to visit in cities where I don't have enough recommendations to make a proper list
This is the places I liked while visiting Bruges.
Poperinge isn't a town to hide its pride and joy under a bushel. In fact its pride and joy is a bushel (of sorts). Though more a pile of cones in fact. And not of wheat, but of hops. Welcome to 'hoppe stad', the Capital of Hops in Belgium, the globally-acknowledged Kingdom of Beer. This is a town so steeped in hop-growing and beer-making that you can smell it over the horizon, even before its spi...
Konbini & Izy by Thalys presentent les bons plans Bruxelles
Konbini & Izy by Thalys presentent les bons plans Bruxelles
Konbini & Izy by Thalys presentent les bons plans Bruxelles
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The most charming and must-see Christmas Markets in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Estonia, many more.
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Une carte inspiree par les recommendations de l'amical des Welsh. Typiquement servi dans les petites brasseries de Ch'nord, le Welsh est un plat gallois préparé à base de fromage de Cheddar. Facile et rapide à préparer, vous ne pouvez pas passer à côté de cette recette du Welsh traditionnelle du Nord-Pas de Calais. Pour en apprendre plus, visitez:
When traveling I like being able to find a good place to drink a good beer. I will keep updating this list. Please feel free to let me know any craft beer you would like to be added
Dans notre brasserie PAYUSS nous fabriquons des bières spéciales, des produits exotiques innovants ..... Bière à la patate douce, au cacao, au gingembre, manioc, mill ... notre micro brasserie veut offrir une expérience unique
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Some places I like to go when I go to Ostend. The city is really nice to visit during the summer but also during winter as it has a big christmas market and a lot of places to shop.
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